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I know that it can be difficult to discuss money at home. Whether it’s lingering beliefs from how we were raised, or fear that our children will judge us for our financial mistakes, talking about money quickly becomes off-limits. 

Time passes and then our children are adults, being forced to make complex financial decisions without basic knowledge about how money works. You want the best for your children, but how do you explain one of the most important aspects of life?

People often tell me that they just wish they had some help breaking the ice. A way to explain any financial topic in simple terms so that children can have a solid foundation.

I’m here to help! On this page and throughout this website, you’ll find free resources, including printable budget templates, savings challenges and even coloring pages from my children’s book about money!

Free Resources

Here are coloring pages from my children’s book about the ways kids can use money:

what would you do with $20?

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If you want a simple way to track some recurring monthly expenses try this simple, customizable bill tracker:

monthly bills

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For a way to track income and a variety of monthly expenses try our Monthly Budget:

monthly budget

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Want to save $5,000 but don’t know where to start? Print out this Savings Challenge and post it on your fridge or anywhere that you’ll see it every day. Color in each amount as you save, and before you know it, you’ll have $5,000!


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Ready to save $10,000? Print out this Savings Challenge and color in the amounts each week until you reach your goal in only a year!


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Additional Resources

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