Today is International Children’s Book Day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than introducing you to the Money Team who have come together to help kids learn about money through their wonderful books.

Please check out these amazing books and authors!
📖M is for Money by Rob Phelan (@misformoneybook)
📖Gio & Banks by Pat Segadelli (@gio_and_banks)
📖Milton The Money Savvy Pup by Jamie Bosse (@moneybossmom)
📖Molly Earns Her Pie by Misty Wall (@mollyearnsherpie)
📖Money Plan by Monica Eaton (@moneywithmoni)
📖Grandpa’s Fortune Fables by Will Rainey (@grandpas_fortune_fables)
📖Logan Breaks The Bank by Randii Smith (@loganandlucky)
📖Baobab Money Tree Series by Dani Mendonsa (@baobabmoneytreeseries)
📖The Moneybunnies Series by Cinders McLeod (
📖If Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, Where Does it Grow? by The Riley Sisters (@ai_and_airee)
📖Money and Finance for Kids by Thelma Ribeiro (@ribeiro.thelma)
📖Luke and DeeDee’s Money Adventures by Sammie Joseph-Fredericks (@themoneyteachingmom)
📖Malik’s First Job by Kerwyn Phillip (@Maliksfirstjob)
📖Danny Dollar by Ty Allan Jackson (@ty_allan_jackson)
📖Pennies for Piggy by Jimia L. Jones (@girl.pennybook)
📖The Four Money Bears by Mac Gardner (@fourmoneybears)
📖Joe the Monkey Learns about Money series by John Lanza (@themoneymammals)
📖No, No, Sonny, Save That Money! by Crystal McLean (@iamcrystalmclean)
📖A Boy, A Budget, and a Dream by Jasmine Paul (@jasminelikepaul)
📖Moneytopia, Earning by Dr. Shanshan Peer (@drmamapeer)

Which ones have you read already with your kids?

Check back tomorrow for an introduction to each book and its main character!